Monday, December 13, 2004

Campus Libreals Silence Conservative Professor

Pro-Gun Professor Claims University Denied Him Free Speech -- 12/13/2004. Don't think that liberal control of campuses stifles free speech? Think again.
The issues of gun control and free speech dominate a lawsuit filed by an Oklahoma University geology professor who used a blunt sexual comparison to criticize a pro-gun control newspaper column and later was demoted for that and other perceived transgressions.
Deming believes the letter remained a sore spot for university officials, contributing to their decision to oust him from the Oklahoma University (OU) School of Geology and Geophysics, strip Deming of most of his classes and relocate his office to a basement lab.
The interesting thing is that his letter to the editor generated 25 complaints of sexual harassment from people he never met. How does expressing your opinion in a newspaper letter constitute harassment? Those complaints were just an attempt to silence a voice the liberals didn't like. (All 25 were dismissed.)

Liberals like diversity in everything but in thought. Step out of the liberal line, and they will attempt to crucify you, with any means - including false charges - at their disposal.

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