Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Journalists need to explore their blind spots

Beacon Journal | 12/05/2004 | Journalists `blind' to areas of society. Two photographs of deer kills sparked a controversy in Ohio.

Journalists don't understand a great deal of this society, and so it gets ignored and trivialized. Anything they are not interested in must be stupid. But for one editor, the photographs, "represented token coverage of one of the paper's 'blind spots,' those areas that have achieved popularity in American society but have gained almost no foothold among journalists."

This is credited, in part, with the decline of newspaper readership. Why should I read a paper that doesn't cover the sports I am interested in, or covers stories with a bias I can see a mile away?

But do you really think that Journalists will change their ways, and try to investigate those parts of society fairly? (If they go into the story with the idea that all "these people" - hunters, NASCAR fans, etc. - are stupid, how do you think the story will come out.) [H/T to NRA-ILA]

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