Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Robber wants more than money - gets shot

ONN. Ohio News Now: Clerk Shoots Robbery Suspect. After getting the money, the robber ordered the clerk - a woman - out from behind the counter. Not wanting to victimized, she shot him.
"Once he ordered her from behind the counter, she had no idea what he was thinking... what he was planning on doing or anything like that. So, she just defended herself with the gun," said Franklin County Sheriff's Detective Drew McEvoy.

The clerk was not facing any charges Sunday night. Thompson was still hospitalized for a gunshot wound to his left shoulder. He was facing robbery charges.
Exactly what she should have done, since he was thinking of more than just money. Money is not worth a life. Rape, beating and murder - all of which were a possible outcome if she came out from behind the counter - justify self-defense.

What would you have done? [Thanks KABA]

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