Saturday, December 25, 2004

Shooting Sports: Helice (rhymes with "police")

Shooter aims for world title
: Matthew Peterson, a 20-year-old college student, competes in a sport that sounds very challenging. It is related to shooting clays and to skeet and trap.
[T]he discs that serve as targets have wings that spin like helicopter blades to simulate the erratic flight of a pigeon.

American rules differ slightly from European, but in general the sport requires that a shooter stand at least 24 meters from a set of green boxes (five boxes in some competitions, seven in others) set in an arc. A white fence stands at least 21 meters behind the boxes.

When the shooter cries "pull," a disc, which has two plastic wings on a white center, is launched from one of the boxes. The shooter doesn't know which box will launch the disc, where it will head or how it will fly. He gets two shots to hit the disc before it clears the white fence.
A clean hit seperates the center from both "wings." [h/t to KABA]

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