Friday, December 31, 2004

Single-handed Sailing (at its craziest)

B&QTelegraph | News | Yachtswoman reaches halfway point in global race: OK, I sail single-handed, and a lot of people (especially women who let their husbands do all the heavy-lifting around boats) tell me I am crazy. But this record attempt is either brilliant or ridiculous. 72 days of non-stop sailing through treacherous waters. (Icebergs, water temp about 5C, gale force winds)
MacArthur has sailed 13,823 miles of the 26,000-mile course and is currently two days, 12 hours and 11 minutes ahead of the record set by the Frenchman Francis Joyon.
McArthur's 75ft Trimaran, B&Q, is 650 miles SW of New Zealand. [Team Ellen has current status]

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