Thursday, December 23, 2004

Suicide's mom sure someone is to blame - Suicide victim's mom sues Wal-Mart over gun sale.

I wasn't going to comment on this story until I saw Alphecca's take it.

Let's be clear. WalMart is not accused of breaking any law. It is clear they followed the law in selling the firearm. But the mother wants to blame someone. (Not the daughter and not herself.)

The state of Texas (and 37 other states) do not supply mental health records to federal government for use in the National Background Check system because they are considered confidential.

The parents want to hold WalMart accountable (to the tune of 25 million bucks!) for not doing more than the law requires - like checking other database such as prescription drugs - but this is illegal under the 1996 medical privacy law. In short they want to hold someone responsible.

If the daughter was truly a danger to herself why was she not committed? (Do we still do that?) How did she have enough money to purchase a firearm? And if she hadn't purchased a firearm, would she be alive today, or would she have used some other means, such as hanging, car crash, drowning, poison, sleeping pills, etc? Perhaps the mother should sue the state for not providing the health records to the FBI - oh that wouldn't get them $25 million, sorry....

It is impossible to ensure that the world is safe. Even a police state - which I fear we are fast becoming - would not be able to prevent every tragedy. I am sure the parents are distraught, but WalMart is not to blame for this tragedy.

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