Monday, December 06, 2004

Useless Nitwits: Iran Nuclear Inspections a Farce

Lack of "unrestricted access" hindering UN nuclear inspection of Iran.

For once I agree with Emperor Darth Misha over at the Rottwieler Empire. Inspecting only what the Iranians will let the UN inspect... it is worse than no inspections. (This does at least give the appearance of doing something - even if they are doing actually nothing.)

The key to this issue: "The problem is that access is often restricted."

So the UN agreed to only inspect what the Iranians will permit. How stupid can you be? I guess if you are a Useless Nitwit from the UN, pretty stupid, or as Emperor Misha says
In the meantime, the Useless Nitwits and their EUnuch supporters are having collective orgasms over their "diplomatic breakthrough".

The rest of us, that is to say those of us with a brain, are waiting for the shoe to drop. Hard.

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