Monday, December 06, 2004

Wake up and smell the Kofi - scandal News - Opinion - Such a parcel of rogues in the United Nations: This reads like rural Republican wrote it. I usually only quote the Scotsman to show what insanity is going on across the pond. I may have to change my opinion of the paper.
The real scandal is that the UN was not discredited and dissolved many years ago: there is no organisation in the world more hypocritical, greedy and power-hungry (although the European Union is coming up fast on the outside lane). Insofar as the United Nations has any significance, it is as a sinister template for future World Government. Its strength has been to exploit the guilt complex of western citizens, posing as a vehicle of material improvement for poor countries and as a forum of world ‘peace’, while cynically pursuing its supremely selfish agenda. Naïve young people who have never been exposed to religion embrace the UN’s secular, one-world, brotherhood-of-man cant as a substitute.
A detailed account of the Kofi Scandal - which I won't go over - follows. Suffice it to say, he stole money, his friends stole money, his son stole money.
Why is anybody surprised? Graft and corruption is the leitmotif of the United Nations. Soldiers of the UN peacekeeping force in Sierra Leone were accused by Human Rights Watch of systematic rape of women. In Bosnia, UN police stand accused of trafficking in young women from eastern Europe as sex slaves. Staff of UN relief agencies and peacekeepers have similarly been denounced for sexual abuse of refugee children in Liberia and Guinea. On October 28 this year, a report from the UN’s in-house watchdog revealed that Kofi Annan had personally dismissed the claims by an American woman staff member of sexual harassment at the hands of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, overruling the findings of an independent UN investigative panel that endorsed the allegations.

Human rights is another great UN shibboleth. Yet its interpretation of this subject is eccentric, to say the least. The repeated re-election of Cuba to a seat on the UN Human Rights Commission epitomises the moral tone. The Castro régime, since 1959, has imprisoned more than 100,000 people and shot 16,000. Never say the UN apparatchiks lack a sense of humour. So far as western ‘progressive’ opinion is concerned, the only human rights abuse ever to have taken place in Cuba was in the Guantanamo Bay compound.
The sex abuse and sexual slavery charges are most distressing. Why are these not being discussed in the MSM? Why are they being hidden? And if caught, the perpetrators are "sent home." What a punishment. (Go to your room!)

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