Monday, January 31, 2005

Quote of the Day

"Without a dream to light your way, the world is a very dark place."

Marion Zimmer Bradley, Heartlight

Germany: Become a prostitute or lose unemployment benefits

Telegraph | News | 'If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits'To all of you who think the EU has it right...
A 25-year-old waitress who turned down a job providing "sexual services'' at a brothel in Berlin faces possible cuts to her unemployment benefit under laws introduced this year.
Since Germany has seen fit to legalize prostitution, there is nothing to stop employment centers from pushing women into the sex industry. [via individ]

Charges dismissed in murder case - it was self defense

L.A. Daily News - NewsA case that should have never been brought to court was dismissed.
Capital murder charges have been dismissed against a 23-year-old North Hills man after a judge determined he acted in self-defense when he fatally shot two men during a fight outside a Northridge nightclub, officials said Friday.
The 2 people who were shot had attacked the group he was with, and had started to draw weapons of their own when he acted.

The fact that he was charged at all, is evidence of bias on the part of prosecutors - at least in CA. Thankfully, the judge has some comon sense, and dismissed the charges. [via KABA]

Alphecca's Media Bias Check - Jan 31

Alphecca: Weekly Check on the Bias...As always, a good catalog of the media bias against guns. This week's check reveals more disinformation about the benefits of gun control as seen through the prism of the San Francisco proposed handgun ban. There is more as well. Check it out!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Vote for Iraq

Iraqi woman

An important day for the Iraqi people, though they aren't out of the woods yet.

I hope they end up the government they deserve.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Shooting Sports: 2700 Pistol

1911Bullseye Pistol - or 2700 Pistol - is a very popular competiton format since no special equipment is needed by either the competitior or the range. Also, one range officer can manage multiple shooters.

2700 Pistol gets its name from scoring. Each contestant shoots 270 rounds - each worth at most 10 points, hence a "perfect score" would be 2700 points. Each section of 90 shots is divided into many matches, so there are many chances to win. Since multiple shooters can shoot at the same time, large numbers of contestants can be accomidated - depending on the range.

90 shots are with .22 caliber handgun. 90 shots are with any centerfire handgun. The final 90 shots are with a .45 caliber handgun. As .45's have become more accurate, it is common to shoot the last two sections with a .45

Friday, January 28, 2005

Work of fiction justification for law maker

Alphecca: Gun Show Loophole & Fiction. Well, since there is no real evidence of a gun-show-loophole, I guess we have to expect the gun banners will resort to reading works of fiction, as
Sen. Janet D. Howell (D-Fairfax) read from a best-selling crime novel by David Baldacci. In the book, a character visits a Virginia gun show, knowing he can buy a gun there without undergoing a background check.
I like Alphecca's idea that we get NASA to take its que from the great SciFi writers.

Sticker Shock

Scientific Sticker Shock -- In the beginning was the cautionary advisory. Think stickers on biology texts are a bad idea? Wait untill you see the new stickers...
Sticker in Introduction to Cosmology: "Astronomers estimate the age of the universe to be approximately 13 billion years. If evolution ticks you off because you believe that the earth is only 6,000 years old, cosmology should really make smoke come out of your ears. There's a fire extinguisher next to the telescope."
Sticker in Physics for Freshmen: "We know that a lot of what's in this book is wrong, and with any luck they'll eventually find out that even more of it is wrong. But it's not so far off, it took some real geniuses to get us this close, and it's way better than nothing."
Sticker in Modern Optics: "CAUTION! Dark ages in mirror may be closer than they appear."
Via Wadcutter

Firearms Technology Branch of the ATF & the FN 5.7

FN 5.7Firearms Technology Branch. Want answers about the F.N 5.7? Go straight to the source.

Ammunition available for this firearm is NOT armor piercing. (While there is armor piercing ammunition for the gun, it is NOT for sale to civilians in America.)

Would be interesting to see how the ballistics of this round stack up against the other popular handgun rounds.

Around-the-world speed trial back on record-setting pace

B&Q Telegraph | Sport | Yachting: MacArthur blown ahead of pace. After watching a 5 day lead evaporate due to low winds (at one point she was 4 hours behind the record-setting pace) Ellen MacArthur is now 20 hours ahead of the pace set by Francis Joyon's solo record pace.

[B&Q] is a trimaran (meaning it has three hulls), is 75ft long and weighs 8.3 tonnes.

It took a team of 30 more than 30,000 hours to build B&Q over a period of seven months.

And the boat carries several sails, including a huge mainsail, and a selection of foresails, one of which is bigger than a singles tennis court.
And it has every bit of modern navigation equipment known to man - from satellite phones to emergency position reporting beacons.

The whole story is available at Team Ellen.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

PGH: Michael Moore's Next Film - a filthy lie

Michael Moore's next film is being shot under the working title of "Karl Rove and the Sorcerer's Stone in Halliburton's Chamber of Secrets: How the Order of the Phoenix stole the election with magic." Producers worry that this title is too long and are considering both "Fahrenheit 911 and ½" and "Bowling for Cuyahoga County."

A plot to magically influence the outcome of the election has been rumored by the rumor-mongers desperately searching for a reason for the left's defeat in November. (Any reason that isn't tied to their programs, or their candidate's shortcomings that is, or in fact reflects on them in any way.)

As this reason makes as much sense as any, Michael Moore will next turn his cinematic eye, on "The Order of the Phoenix," a secret organization of high magi who were rumored to be working for Halliburton developing magical attacks for the Department of Defense. The Order (or so the DC rumors have it) has been hijacked by Karl Rove and the Bush wing of the Skull and Bones Society for the purpose of controlling all future elections. This is so obviously the work of that evil mastermind, Karl Rove, who is known to many on the left simply as "The Dark Lord," that Moore will not need to present any proof, but will instead just splice together random statements from some of the parties involved until they say exactly what he wants them to.

allianceThis reporter was unable to confirm additional rumors that Evil Glenn (Instapundo Delenda Est!) is acting as a consultant to the film company. An anonymous, "highly placed source," in the Moore organization, said, "we need some way to stave off these evil attacks if we are going to be able to complete the project, and if anyone knows evil, it is Evil Glenn!" Apparently the crew spent an entire week filming a biography of Teddy Roosevelt without realizing what they had done. An assistant director stated, "We wouldn't shoot a biopic on Teddy. FDR maybe, but not Teddy. And if we did, we wouldn't cast him in a favorable light!" Hollywood insiders shooting a positive biography of an American hero is proof enough for some that evil is afoot.

Don't threaten my life

Jumpy teens died in store they came to rob | The incident the other day in Crawford, Georgia (70 miles from Atlanta) illustrates something the anti-gun crowd never wants to deal with.
The cash register at Shoat's Grocery and Package Store in Oglethorpe County held just $300 Monday when the two teenagers walked in.

If they had been patient, the would-be robbers could have had it.

But, deciding the shopkeepers were too slow in complying with their demands, one of the young men pulled out a gun, igniting a gunbattle with the 62-year-old owner and his wife.
Gun-owners are not crazy people itching to kill. The 2 store owners were willing to hand over the money, but when the 62-yr-old was "moving too slowly," the hoodlums decided to open fire. Once threatened, the couple acted to defend themselves, and both drew guns. Both teenagers are dead, of justifiable homicide (self-defense). "Oglethorpe County Sheriff Mike Smith says people have a right to protect their lives and their property."

This is not a case of vigilante justice. It is not case of crazy gun-owners out for blood. It is a case of 2 armed criminals who were stopped when they violently attacked armed citizens. [h/t Individ]

God Hates

God Hates Shrimp I love satire, especially when it throws a truth in some idiot's face. The religious right, in their sanctimonious, holier-than-thou attacks on gays, they quote nice little sections of the bible, and oh-so-conveniently overlook their own behavior that violates other sections. (Didn't somebody say something like, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone," or did I imagine that?)
Leviticus 11:9-12 says:
9 These shall ye eat of all that are in the waters: whatsoever hath fins and scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, them shall ye eat.
10 And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you:
11 They shall be even an abomination unto you; ye shall not eat of their flesh, but ye shall have their carcases in abomination.
12 Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you.

Deuteronomy 14:9-10 says:
9 These ye shall eat of all that are in the waters: all that have fins and scales shall ye eat:
10 And whatsoever hath not fins and scales ye may not eat; it is unclean unto you.
I think we could find a section or 2 about BBQ pork as well. [h/t SayUncle]

Carnival of the Vanities # 123

The Raving Atheist >> Archives >> January 2005 >> Carnival of the Vanities # 123. A very large COTV this week at The Raving Atheist. Take a look.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Jan. 27, 1945 - The Liberation of Auschwitz

World "leaders" will say (have already said) that we must remember Auschwitz and declare, "Never again!" Unfortunately the world has not learned the lesson of the Holocaust. It wasn't the first occurrence of genocide, and it certainly wasn't the last. The 20th century is full of examples:
  • Turkish extermination of Armenians
  • Stalin's extermination of Ukrainians
  • the Holocaust
  • Rape of Nanking
  • Pol Pot in Cambodia
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Hutus and Tutsi in Rwanda
There is disagreement about the number killed in genocide in the 20th Century, estimates range from 60 million to 170,000 million or more.

Genocide didn't start in the 20 Century. Our American history contains several instances of organized attempts to exterminate native populations in the 19th century.

It didn't end in the 20th Century; it is going on today in Sudan.

It is not surprising that we have failed to learn the lessons of history, when no one studies history. American schools have long since given up on even pretending to teach history. Others turn a blind eye to their past. (France didn't admit that the Vichy government sent 72,000 Jews to the camps in the east until Chirac made a statement in 1995.)

So we will unveil monuments, and make speeches, and go back to ignoring history.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

UK Violent Crime up 6% in 3rd Qtr.

The Sun Newspaper Online: The Labour Government is still claiming that crime is under control. I wonder what an out-of-control crime wave would look like, since we have the following.
VIOLENT crime in England and Wales rose by six per cent in the third quarter of last year, new Government figures revealed today.

There was a rise of five per cent in firearms offences in the year to September, up to 10,670 on the previous year.
Outlawing guns has not stopped gun crime, only made the (now disarmed) populace easy marks.

Yet the wonderful folk's in San Francisco will swallow everthing that Michael Moore-on has to say about the evil gun culture in America - where violent crime is near 30 year lows.

Gun Free England has worst crime rate among top 20 nations

Telegraph | News. Yes, those wonderful gun-banners of England have unleashed a crime spree of epic proportions.
An analysis of total recorded crime figures before 1998 also suggests that England and Wales have moved sharply up the league table since Labour came to power in 1997. Crimes fell from 5.5 million in 1993 to 4.5 million in 1997. By 1999, total crimes had risen again to 5.3 million.
Banning guns and reducing penalties for crimes such as burglary has not made people in UK safer, nor made the UK a better place to live; it has turned the Brits into prisoners in their own homes. This data is from 2000; things have not improved since then.

It seems crazy to me that Tories are trying to run an election based on economics, when they should be running a "get tough on crime" campaign. The Labour government maintains that they have "crime under control." I wonder what they would consider out-of-control? The British are not happy of course, and want a change.
A majority of Londoners want the right to use "unreasonable" force against burglars.
[h/t KABA]

Monday, January 24, 2005

Not acting in our best interests

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Translate Terrorist Secrets.

Can we focus on the problem? (If you haven't been paying attention - the problem is terrorism.)
Name the greater risk to national security: patriotic military translators who happen to be homosexual or anti-American Islamofascist terrorists who happen to be homicidal? If you picked the latter, thanks for putting U.S. safety first. Alas, the Pentagon disagrees.
20 Arabic and 6 Farsi (the Iranian language) translators have been canned since 9/11. And while this is going on, we have the following:
The 9/11 Commission concluded that Uncle Sam “lacked sufficient translators proficient in Arabic and other key languages, resulting in significant backlog of untranslated intercepts.”
Someone is not acting in our best interests. To be fair, the Pentagon can't do anything. Thanks at least in part to Clinton, this is not policy; it is law. (From IGF)

Watcher's Council Weekly Roundup

As you may or may not already be aware, members of the Watcher's Council hold a vote every week on what they consider to be the most link-worthy pieces of writing around... per the Watcher's instructions, I am submitting one of my own posts for consideration in the upcoming nominations process.

Here is the most recent winning council post. Dr. Sanity takes another look at the WMD question in Iraq.

I particularly liked the most recent winning non-council post, by Varifrank, also a look at fighting war.

Here is the list of results for the latest vote, and here is the initial posting of all the nominees that were voted on. All of the posts are worth reading, and a few of them are always very good.

Criminal + Armed Civilian = End of Criminal Career

KCBD - NewsChannel 11 / Lubbock, TX reports Alleged Pawn Shop Robber Behind Bars. Delna Kay Patterson tried to rob a pawn shop, but she was the one who was shot. She suffered minor injuries and is in jail. [h/t to KABA]

Fast Draw ends Robbery Attempt

Retired NYC firefighter shoots suspect. Robber picked the wrong target.
I saw his gun coming out. He reached inside his sweatshirt. I saw a gun and I said 'Oh well, time to react.' I reacted faster than he did.
The would-be robber escaped, but with a bullet wound in his shoulder. He was later detained at a local hospital and may be tied to other crimes. (Yes, the end of a criminal career!) [h/t to KABA]

Do as I say, not as I do at UCLA

Alphecca: Weekly Check on the Bias.... A couple of professors at UCLA (Chris Burden and Nancy Rubins) resigned over a "performance art" exhibition in a UCLA performance art class. (The LA times does a great job painting guns as evil)

What I found interesting is the difference in perspective.
Burden made his name in the early 1970s with influential and controversial performance art. In his best-known piece, "Shoot," performed in a Santa Ana gallery while he was a graduate student at UC Irvine, Burden had an assistant stand 15 feet away and shoot him in the upper arm with a .22-caliber rifle.
So he ACTUALLY gets shot, and then he resigns over the use of a starters' pistol. But then, anyone who would be shot on purpose is obviously crazy.

Go see Alphecca for the complete story and the dissection of the LA Times' distortion of the facts.

Best of Me Symphony #60

The Owner's Manual: Best of Me Symphony #60. This weeks Best of Me Symphony is up at the Owner's Manual. Some great work - including a post by yours truly.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

A Liberal's Idea of Freedom

Via Villainous Company, we get the NYT attack on the President's inaugural address by Orlando Patterson. I won't deal with the whole piece; see VC for the complete analysis. What I will deal with is "Modern Liberal Freedom."

The "modern liberal freedom" Mr. Patterson extols encompasses "social justice" (his phrase) and includes a lot of things I see as antithetical to personal liberty.

When a liberal says "social justice" he usually means that government is going to put a gun to my head, take my money, (pay up or go to jail) and give it to someone else. Thus making me a wage-slave to the government for many months of every year I work. (How much does Kennedy want to spend on education, and where will the money come from?) This isn't freedom, in the Conservative mind. Fix the student loan program. If someone wants an education, loans would be available. A graduate degree is not a "right," even if Mr. Kennedy thinks so.

"Social Justice" doesn't include the freedom to defend myself, or if they admit I have the right to defend myself if attacked, they want to refuse me any adequate means of defense. Gun Control and Knife Control in the UK are not about reducing crime; crime is out of control in the UK, and has gotten worse as more government controls on civilians have been enacted.

They don't want me to be free to smoke - they would love to outlaw it, and probably will try someday. Today it is motorcycle helmets, next it will be the motorcycles themselves that are controlled. [ed. note: I don't smoke and I don't ride motorcycles]

They don't want me to be free to expound unpopular views. "Hate speech" we all can agree is unpleasant and in many cases it is stupid, but controlling "hate speech" is controlling speech. What happened to Freedom of Speech? (Can they declare it "hate speech" to say something negative about Socialism or Communism? Who decides?) Can't let freedom get in the way of Social Justice!

Liberals really are not in favor of Liberty. They are in favor of government control of
  • my work (taxes keep me working, regulations control how and where I work),
  • my retirement (can't possibly let me have control of my retirement - they would lose control over me),
  • my education (can't teach history, or geography, just watered-down Civics, and must teach sex - regardless of what parents want),
  • my thoughts (can't allow "hate speech," I might start thinking thoughts not OK'd by the government.)
I (and most conservatives) am generally in favor of smaller government, and fewer government controls on my life. And yes, that means I will make mistakes, and I will be responsible for those mistakes. Why should you be responsible for my bad judgment? Learning from our mistakes is how we grow. and other anti-2nd Amendment organizations

OK, I thought people in the 2A community kept up on this sort of thing, but I guess not. has teamed up with the Million Mom March - a division of the Brady Campaign - and is giving a portion of sales to that organization. Every time you buy a book through Amazon, you are giving money to the Brady Bunch. (Selling books through the Amazon Affiliate program?) If you agree with their politics, that's OK, if not - you need to PAY ATTENTION! (See Cleveland Plain Dealer too, it is not the first story on the page - search for Amazon)

And here are some other companies to keep in mind - they are not friendly to the 2A either. (a small list)
  • A & M Records (what music do you buy?)
  • Argosy Casino (The odds always favor the house)
  • Ben & Jerry`s Homemade, Inc. (Think diet)
  • Hallmark Cards (Happy Holidays)
  • Sara Lee Corporation (Who made the cold cuts in your lunch?)
  • Time Warner Inc.(AOL, Time Magazine, etc.)
How you spend your money matters.

UPDATE: I am told the bit is not true --- the rest is though. Thanks Addison.

"Until Then" tribute to our troops

artilery Flash Presentation slide show of images from Iraq, and US soldiers' homecomings from Iraq. Definitely worth taking a look. Hat Tip to Nashif Report

Friday, January 21, 2005

The Truth about Police Protection

News Story on Self-defense: Commenting on the shooting of an armed robber by a store employee, the police stated the obivous.
"It's completely legal. It's their right to do that. [Keep a gun for defense] The police can't be everywhere at one time," said Lt. Spingola.[my emphasis]
The best police are not supermen. They cannot be in every location where a crime may occur. Armed citizens protected themselves from violent attack, and put an end to the career of a criminal.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Imagine if you can, the shoe being on the other foot

Suppose an African American were to be nominated for Secretary of State by a Democratic Administration and 2 Republican Senators voted against that nomination. What would the news media be saying? What would NAACP say? What would the Democrats be saying? (Hint - the word starts with an "R.") So why the resounding silence? Oh, that's right, Democrats can't be racist (a priori, only conservatives are racist, liberals just believe that minorities need "help" to compete in America.) These votes are just everyday political infighting. Funny, but I don't think the media would accept that if it was coming from the other side of the senate floor.

Cry BabyThere was an episode on "The West Wing" in which the Democratic adminsitration decided to nominate a Hispanic judge to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and they were all bracing for a fight against those evil Republicans in the Senate. The Democrats just can't stand that Republicans fail to show the racism that they always want to attribute to them. They really hate that Bush is getting credit for being the first to nominate an African-American woman to the post of Secretary of State.

Conservatives aren't in favor of quotas, that doesn't make them racist. Democrats are in favor of the nanny state, that doesn't make them enlightened.

Right WingnutHouse has an excellent review of the hearing itself.
Watching the Condi Rice confirmation hearings on television yesterday was like entering Mr. Peabody's Wayback Machine and emerging sometime before the election on November 2. I don't think even Sherman would have relished this rehash of history. The histrionics and speechifying of Democratic Senators caused my breath to catch several times as I had to keep telling myself that it was January 19, 2005 not late October, 2004.
Let's cut out the Fractured Fairytales and get on with the business of the country. But of course there needs to be more "debate," which isn't debate, but just posturing, name-calling, and a waste of time. (Of course, while they're doing that, they can't do anything else, so it has that much merit.)

UPDATE: Hard to believe these attacks on Dr. Rice have been going on for 2 months.

Police Chiefs Polled

Really speaks for itself.
Gun Control: With regard to private citizens owning firearms for sport or self-defense, 93.6 percent of the respondents supported civilian gun-ownership rights. Ninety-six percent of the police chiefs and sheriffs believe criminals obtain firearms from illegal sources and 92.2 percent revealed they hadn't arrested anyone for violation of the so-called 'waiting period' laws. When asked if citizens concealed-weapons permits would reduce violent crime, 63.1 percent said yes.

What happens when the police break the law?

2 - News - Family Sues Police For 'Retaliation, Abuse'. If only police have guns, then we will only need to fear the police.

After testifying against police in a criminal and civil case, the Ramirez family has been harrassed by police. Their house has been searched without warrant. They have been threatened. They have been arrested for no reason - charges dropped, etc.

Thank god, they put in video survellence, so it looks like these "officers of the law" are going to be in hot water. The family filed a civil suit. I hope the DA brings charges in the case!

Best of luck to the Ramirez family, and may those cops rot in jail. Crimes committed under color of authority should be treated especially harshly. Violation of public trust must be so expensive, that those sworn to protect us, never break that oath.

Michael Moore's Bodyguard Carries a Gun? - Foxlife - Michael Moore's Bodyguard Arrested on Airport Gun Charge. Huh, so guns are bad for the average American to have, but when they are protecting his portly self, they are apparently OK. I wonder if it was an evil semiauto, or a slightly-less-evil revolver. (Moore has said that no one needs an autoloader.)

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

iowahawk takes the measure of the Red Sea

iowahawk: Heart of Redness is the best take I have seen yet on the incredibly long-winded David Von Drehle piece on the red states, Red Sea, in the Washington Post. As Iowahawk puts it,
Ungawa! Intrepid global explorer David Von Drehle of the Washington Post Magazine dons his pith helmet and ventures into the geographical Belly of the Bush Beast. Result: another heapin' helpin' of turgid gorillas-in-the-midwest-mist reportage for the Sunday morning brioche set back in Dupont Circle.
This is classic Iowahawk. Don't miss it! (Laughing is good for you.)

What's Wrong with Minimum Sentences? Nothing!

Backlash from sentencing edict? - The Washington Times: Commentary - January 17, 2005. There has been much in the press about the end of Sentencing guidelines, and how they will likely be replaced by mandatory minimums. I reference a Washington Times (part of the Vast Right-wing Conspiracy?) story on purpose, since it seems more in line with what the left is saying. In this article, a case that deals with mandatory minimums is addressed - to show how bad they are I think.

The case in question is about a fellow, Weldon Angelos, who at trial was facing 105 years minimum sentence for gun-related offences during the commission of other crimes. He turned down a plea bargain for 15 years, was tried, convicted and sentenced to 55 years. The judge called this sentence - dictated by the minimums - cruel.

Perhaps some of the minimums are out of balance. If so, let's see legislation to change them. But let's not forget where "Judicial discretion" got us in the late 1980's and 1990's. High levels of violent crime were endemic in this country.

crime stats
Today, we have lower levels of violent crime than both Canada and the UK. And yes, part this reduction has been the "get tough" policy that removes violent offenders from our midst. (Does Mr. Angelos qualify as violent? A person who brings a gun to the commission of a crime is not my ideal citizen. A jury convicted him of the crimes at hand...) [Note that the graph is hyperlinked to the FBI website for the raw data. 2004 data is still "preliminary"]

Mandatory minimum sentencing is part (part - not the whole) of what has let us drive violent crime to near 30 year lows. Let's not forget that.

If the sentence is more than "aircraft hijacking, second degree murder, espionage, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and rape," as the judge lamented, then let's correct the injustice by increasing the sentence for all of these crimes. If in fact, the sentence for Mr. Angelos' crimes is too severe, then let's readjust the minimums. Let's not get rid of a system that is working to reduce crime rates.

No one forced Mr. Angelos to sell drugs to US agents. No one forced Mr. Angelos to carry a gun during the commission of a crime. No one forced Mr. Angelos to turn down the plea agreement - when it looked like he was caught red-handed.

As for prosecutors seeking maximum penalties, that's their job. A plea is usually going to be for fewer crimes, since that is the carrot. Plead to these crimes, and you won't face the maximum we can throw at you; turn down the plea, and all bets are off.

As for commuting his sentence, as the judge has asked, I say let him serve the 15 years first.

Election Fraud in Wisconsin

Michelle Malkin: WISCONSIN'S ELECTION FRAUD SCANDAL: WHERE'S THE MSM/DEM OUTRAGE?. Another story you won't see in the MSM. In Wisconsin, if you register on the day of the election - you vote counts even if it is fraudulent. And so far, it looks like a lot of them are - more than enough to change the outcome in Wisconsin to have gone for Bush.

This is insane. Isn't this a violation of my civil rights? Why should fradulent votes count as much as my legitimate vote? (via TTLB Daily News)

Self-defense and Mainstream Media Bias

In looking for an interesting topic, I have been scanning Keep and Bear Arms, the Civilian Gun Defense Blog, and searching for news stories on "homeowner shoots," "gun" and other phases that usually turn up stories. There are plenty of stories that are of the form,
  • Intruder breaks into home waking up homeowner,
  • Homeowner shoots intruder, and
  • Police say no charges will be filed against the homeowner.
(If the intruders survive, they are hauled off to jail.)

You can find stories about the Carolinas, and Tulsa, but you rarely see these stories in the Blue states, and almost never in the big news outlets. Actually these stories do show up from central and southern Illinois from time to time; the Chicago Tribune only seems to report them when the homeowner has failed to comply with some arcane aspect of Illinois gun law.

OK, so it's no surprise that the MSM is biased against guns and gun owners. I guess it is a surprise that so many of these stories are carried in papers and on television stations in the heart of the country. I think it was Bernard Goldberg (author of "Bias") who said that the network news organizations should move out of New York into the middle of the country. In the days before high-speed communications of the satellite or any other variety, it might have made sense for the newscasts to originate from New York. Getting them out of the liberal echo chamber of the NYC/DC corridor might do something to open them up to new points-of-view. The example set by CNN is not encouraging, however.

Comparing the situation in America with that in Britain was interesting for awhile, but the British government - being a solidly leftist government - is not going to give up power over the population (or even give up power to the population). The violent crime rate in England is higher than the US, and the level of violence is reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange. Still, I don't expect the left to admit defeat or even acknowledge that anything is the matter with gun-free England.

So how do we reach the millions not being served by the New York Times and the LA Times and the Washington Post? How do we stop preaching to the choir, and reach out to the people who think guns cause crime? How do we get better reporting on the self-defensive use of firearms?

Monday, January 17, 2005

Safe Storage for Firearms

There have been a whole series of articles about this police force, or that city giving away free gun locks. I don't understand this because gun locks are about the worst piece of security for a firearm you could ask for. Still something should be done especially if young children are around, or anyone who you don't want handling your firearms.

Aside from the fact that most trigger locks can be defeated with hammer and screwdriver, and some will let the gun fire anyway, they do not stop anyone from walking off with the firearm.

For my money, safes are much better storage medium. The can be secured in place, and the big ones are too heavy for your average burglar to move anyway. They can also protect against fire.

The problem of course is how to get at a weapon quickly in time of need. If it is in
a safe, how long will it take you to open the safe? Well of course the market has taken care of that. Several are available that will open in a few seconds.

I like the Gun Vault, but I don't like the fact that the lock is electronic and requires either battery power or AC power to unlock. (The battery will be dead and the power out on the night you need your weapon.) I like the fact that the keys (see photo) can be found in the middle of the night to unlock the thing.

For those of you have to have every latest technical gadget, there is the BioVault which uses the latest in biometric recognition to open only for people with the right knoxfingerprints. More issues of electrical power.

I want a non-electrical option, something with a mechanical lock, like the Handgun Box, or the Fort Knox Pistol Box that can still be opened in the dark in a very short time, should you need access to a firearm.

Alphecca's Review of Media Bias for Jan 17

Alphecca as usual on Monday, has a review of the media bias against guns. Also, as usual, it is an excellent bit of work.

Best of Me symphony #59

Best of Me symphony 59 is up at The Owner's Manual. Go take a look.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Romanian Democracy Shows hope for Iraq.

OpinionJournal - Featured Article. Unlike the Ukraine (which as we saw is still struggling a little) the people of Romania are building a solid democracy. A peaceful transition of power from one party to the next is taking place, and Romania looks to join the EU. There are many Iraqi parallels.
Romanians lived under one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world. Millions were terrorized by the regime's secret police, the Securitate, while many others were compromised by collaboration with it. The regime exercised pervasive control over every aspect of people's lives, and suppressed deep ethnic and religious tensions between Romanians, Hungarians, Germans, Roma and Serbs to maintain communist orthodoxy. The Romanian economy was plundered by the Soviet-style nomenklatura, and by the corrupt family of Romania's cruel, idiosyncratic dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu.
This all changed 15 years ago. And while the road to democracy has been rough in Romania, the results seem to be worth it.

There are those who will point out that democracy was not "imposed" on Romania as we are doing in Iraq. To them, I would point out the example of Japan. Japan during and immediately preceding WWII, was not a true democracy. While not exactly a Shogunate, the military had a lot to say about government. Today Japan has a constitution written in American English that we "imposed" on them during 6 years of occupation at the end of WWII. The result speaks for itself. By the end of the 1950's, they had a vibrant economy, by the end of the 1960's they were eating our lunch in a few sectors, and after the oil crisis of the of the 1970's they had arrived in a big way. Are we sorry that we "imposed" democracy on them? I wonder if they are sorry.

Is success in Iraq a sure thing? Of course not - there are no guarantees in life. But it is important enough that we should support it as much as possible.

End of the Gravy Train for Florida Rolf

Opinion Journal: Welfare Uber Ales. Rolf John (know to millions of Germans as Florida Rolf) was collecting $2400 per month from the German welfare agency to pay for an apartment, housekeeper/driver and other aspects of the Miami Beach lifestyle. Sounds great, where do I sign up!

Unfortunately (for F.R.) the Germans have had enough, and are enacting some minor reforms to their welfare state. German unemployed recieved 67% of the most recent pay for 1 year, and 57% thereafter "almost indefinitely." What a system. And they are surpised that people would rather not go back to work?

As long as not working is so lucrative, people will not work. (Economic rationality is real to that extent!)

Saturday, January 15, 2005

A Clockwork Orange? Drunken Violence in Britain

Telegraph | News | 'Wait till it's 24 hours a day. It'll be bloody marvellous'. Ah yes peaceful, pastoral Britain.... where violent drunks wander the streets, and terrorize the locals. Instead of looking forward to the weekend, locals are trapped in a bad situation.
Mrs Slawson, 37, should be looking forward to some leisure time, perhaps at the cinema or in a restaurant.

At 8pm she double-locks her front door and checks that the twin CCTV cameras bolted to the wall of her home are working. Mrs Slawson is not, as one might assume, locking the door behind her to go out for the evening, she is locking herself in. For the next 12 hours her home, just a quarter-of-a-mile from the centre of the Northamptonshire town, will be her self-imposed prison.
And in case your tour-guide fails to mention it, here are some things you have to look forward to.
Young men, brawling and screaming obscenities, wrestle and fight in the streets or stagger down alleyways to urinate or vomit. Some, their natural aggression exacerbated by literally gallons of beer washed down, perhaps, by spirit chasers, brandish hastily grabbed weapons fashioned from litter bins or smashed bottles. For them, or their victims - often chosen at random for no other reason than that they are there - the evening will end in the overflowing waiting-rooms of their local accident and emergency units.
Thugs armed with broken bottles, and anything else they can lay their hands on, and victims selected at random; why should that mean I need to be able to defend myself? (Thugs have rights too, don't they?) "Just a bit of the ultra-violence." Alex would be proud.

Dayton Store Owner Shoots Robber - News - Store Owner Fires Shots At Robbery Suspect. Good guys 1; Bad guys 0.
Police said the owner of the store started keeping a gun at the business after repeated robberies. Officers said the owner will not be charged in the shooting because he was defending himself and his business.
After the perpetrator gets out of the hospital, he will be in jail.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Domestic Abuse ends with husband shot. reports on a twisted case of domestic abuse.

A woman escapes her abusive husband, and manges to meet her boss (a doctor) who drives her to the police station. The abusive husband shows up and rams the doctors car, and then "approaches" the doctor, who shot the loser abuser twice.

The doctor will likely not be charged, while the idiot husband is facing "assault with a deadly weapon" and "domestic violence" charges. [h/t KABA]

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Once Again, enforcing the law leads to lower crime

Increased gun crime prosecution gets results. As Chicago found out, Mephis is crediting a reduction in gun crime (12% since 2002) to law enforcment efforts - investigating crime and prosecuting crime:
United States Attorney Terry Harris and Shelby County District Attorney Bill Gibbons credited the decline to an increase in gun crime prosecution at both the federal and state levels and the efforts of local and federal law enforcement agencies to more aggressively investigate gun crimes.
I'm not sure why the fact that "police-work reduces crime" qualifies as a news story. (Given that it is good news, it is no surprise that this not on a Big 3 network.) But the fact that investigating crime and prosecuting criminals leads to less crime over time, is bit like "dog bites man." (Still I am happy that they report it so I can write about it.)

This reduction in crime is credited to the "Project Safe Neighborhoods" task force. It is a pity that our elected representatives feel it is more important to fund Pork, than to fight crime.

1 Billion US Surplus - Dec 04

Latest News and Financial Information |

Somehow I missed this.
WASHINGTON, Jan 7 (Reuters) - The U.S. government ran a $1 billion budget surplus in December, helped by a rise in corporate tax payments, the Congressional Budget Office said in its latest budget report released on Friday.

The surplus, which compared with an $18 billion deficit in the previous December, helped create a smaller fiscal deficit for the first three months of the 2005 fiscal year, than in the same quarter of the prior year.
Must of been making a sandwich when the MSM covered this item.

Seriously, there are some news stories that mention this - they are generally about a bad trade deficit and this little item is buried under a headline of bad news - what a surprise. [hat tip GayPatriot]

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Militant Buddhists?

The New York Times - International: Faith Divides the Survivors and It Unites Them, Too: Ran across this in some random searching...
In Sri Lanka in recent years, dozens of churches have been attacked by militant Buddhists.
Isn't "militant Buddhist" and oxymoron? I guess I am behind the times.[h/t Holy Weblog]

Gun Ownership goes up, crime goes down

gun ownershipToday in Investor's Business Daily stock analysis and business news

This would seem to prove that "Guns cause crime" is nothing but a lie.

The gun ownership graph is guns per 1000 people, and the crime graph is millions of crimes.
[The American Academy of Sciences] could find no evidence to support the conclusion that government restrictions on firearms reduces gun crime, gun violence and gun accidents.
Of course the left wants to study this some more, until they get the answer they like no doubt. [h/t NRA-ILA]

UN Peacekeepers turn out to be pedophiles

Telegraph | News | Troops buy sex from abused girls with scraps of food. This isn't the first time that UN peacekeepers have become a part of the problem and it won't be the last.
Peacekeeping troops guarding refugee camps in the Democratic Republic of Congo sexually abused girls as young as 13, giving out scraps of food or money in return for favours, the United Nations admitted yesterday.
A UN investigation found that instead of helping, the arrival of 12,000 UN peace keepers "augmented the problem".

Can we now call off our association with this organization?
Via AlphaPatriot

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Oil-for-food audits

Oil-for-food audits tell of millions lost - Iraq - The UN finally releases audits. They resisted releasing the audits for a long time. (I mean just because we pay for the UN, doesn't mean we have a right know how that money is spent. You think the UN is a democracty?)
The oil-for-food program allowed Saddam Hussein to sell oil, provided he used the money to buy food and medicine. Evidence is emerging that he may have kept as much as $US20 billion for himself and that others may have benefited illegally.
Remind me again, how big was the Enron scandal? (Bet no one loses his job over the Oil-for-food, let alone faces charges.)

I want to know how I sign up to be UN building inspector. The UN "Made cash payments of $US500,000 a year to Iraqi Government "building inspectors" who did not work, or provide any services, to the UN." Sweet!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Drinking the right coffee can help Sumatra

coffee cupThe Truth Laid Bear: Sumatran Coffee Reviews. Yes you can send money to impacted countries by your purchasing practices. As somebody out there said, "Charity is good, but commerce is better."

The Coffee Review has a few suggestions including this information.
Starbucks has announced that for every pound of whole-bean Sumatra or Sumatra Decaf sold in the month of January 2005 it will donate $2 or the equivalent in local currency to aid agencies benefiting victims of the December 2004 tsunami.
And more from N.Z. Bear:
There are a ton of places to get coffee which originates in Sumatra. It is my assumption that "fair trade" coffee is the best choice if the goal is to ensure that as much of your money as possible ends up with the local growers in the region.

To that end, there seems to be two major groups that confer "fair trade" status on coffee: TransFair USA and the Fair Trade Federation.

Here are some coffees that I've found available online that are declared to be "fair trade" by one or the other of these groups:

Baronet Coffee Fair Trade Sumatra

Buck's County Coffee Fair Trade Sumatra

Cafe Ibis Organic Gayo Mountain Sumatra

Cafe Ibis Organic Highland Sumatra Dark

Cafe Moto Organic Fair Trade Sumatra

Capricorn Coffees Sumatra Organic Fair Trade

Coffee and Tea Ltd Sumatra Takengon Sumatra Gayo Mountain Organic Fair Trade

Coffee-Tea-Etc Sumatra Dark Roast Organic Fair Trade

Daybreak Coffee Roasters Sumatra Organic Fair Trade

Fonté Coffee Roaster will donate $2 for every pound of Sumatra Mandheling purchased on their website to the Red Cross International Response Fund. (Not a "fair trade" blend, but good for them anyway).

Gorilla Coffee: Fair Trade Sumatra Gayoland and Decaf Sumatra

Green Mountain Fair Trade Organic Sumatran Reserve
There's more...go see TTLB.

Evil Nine - Don't know why I find this fascinating

Evil Nine DaytimeEvil Nine, a British band that seems to be a cross between Punk and Club dance (maybe just Punk....) has a Video that I find mesmerizing.

(More info, but the song is not theirs)

Weekly Check on Media Bias at Alphecca

Alphecca: Weekly Check on the Bias... is as always a top-notch review of the blatherings of the MSM. No surprise that this week the .50 caliber ban in CA is covered.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

12-gauge ends confrontation

OnlineAthens: News: Two hospitalized after double shooting in Madison 01/09/05: Don't mess with her dad!
Candy Butler, was inside the house loading a shotgun. As Bryant struggled with her father, Candy Butler came to the door and ended the confrontation by shooting Bryant twice with the High Standard 12-gauge shotgun
That's letting him have it with both barrels.

Terry Bryant came to confront Della, daughter number 1, with 2 .22 caliber pistols. Eventually a struggle with Chester Butler, the father, ensued, and the father was shot. This is when Candy, daughter number 2, ended the argument.

Although no one had been charged, Bryant will likely face some type of charge.

I have to say that the Athens Banner-Herald of Athens, GA did a nice job with this story. (Just the facts, Ma'am) No bias for or against guns I could see. This is top notch journalism. [h/t Civilian Defense Blog]

Guns as Art: Westley Richards

double gunGunsmith to Queen Victoria Comes to US.

Most guns have the beauty of function. Many single-action six-guns are wonderful and even a no-nonsense 12 gauge pump action has certain appeal. But some weapons are true works of art.

One of the makers whose work routinely falls into this category is Westley Richards.
Today the English company builds just 50 new firearms a year. Each "bespoke gun" is made to order for an individual customer, who may wait two years or more to receive his prize.

A new shotgun sells for $80,000, a new double rifle for $90,000. The engraving alone may cost $30,000 to $40,000 when inlaid with three colors of gold.
A quick review of some of the websites, indicates some used weapons have sold for $49,000 and up. But what a thing of beauty. (Check out the Engraving!)

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Want to keep track of the lies at the UN - see the Diplomad

Can't do better than the Diplomad for tracking the lies and distortions of the UN around disaster relief. They are claiming responsibility for anything done by anyone. (And of course never pass a chance to take a dig at the US.)
There is much more, go take a look!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Can the police save you from becoming a victim?

TCS: Tech Central Station - 911 Is a Joke... or Is It? Let's Find Out. Before we give up on self defense, shouldn't we know if calling 911 will stop crimes? To even get an inkling of whether or not 911 is effective, you have to go back to studies done in 1977. (Jimmy Carter was President, the Shah was still in Iran.) The finding - people did not call before a crime was committed.

A 1981 study doesn't reflect well on 911.
[I]f the crime was reported while still in progress, the arrest rate was 35 percent. If the crime was not reported while in progress, and the victim took 60 seconds to get to a phone, the arrest rate dropped to 10 percent.
Look at that another way: about 2/3 of the time, calling 911 during a crime-in-process failed to do anything. Always assuming you could call. (And arresting someone does not mean you prevented the crime - it means the police got there before the criminal got away.)Via [NRA-ILA]

Quote of the Day

Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.
--Mark Twain

(Dedicated to public miscreants servants who can't accept that the election is over.)

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Serial Rapist dead at hands of law-abiding citizen Slain Robbery Suspect Linked to Rapes. Shot while robbing a store and threatening violence, robber turns out to be serial rapist responsible for attacks in Camden (Philadelphia).
Store owner Ngoc Le, 28, saw what was happening, grabbed his gun, which was legally registered, and told Reyes he would let him live if he released his wife. Reyes then threatened to kill her and Le fired once, hitting Reyes in the head. Reyes died at the scene
Ngoc Le should get a medal and a marksmanship award for pulling off a head-shot with adrenalin in his system. Antonio Diaz Reyes is styled as a "robbery suspect" in this article, but he was pulling Ngoc's wife into a back room. (I don't think robbery was on his mind.)

I suppose that someone (perhaps many) on the left will be appalled about this shooting. I do feel very sorry for Ngoc Le and his wife; they have been through a terrible ordeal and I hope they recover soon. I don't feel sorry that Antonio Diaz Reyes, a serial rapist, is dead. The world is a better and safer place without him.

Red Tape only a Bureaucrat could love - News - 10-Year-Old Girl Runs Into Problems With City. Gotta protect those South Floridians from home-made cookies... they might have the same mental lapse as when presented with a butterfly ballot.
MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -- Miami Beach city officials reportedly told a 10-year-old girl who wanted to sell cookies and drinks in her front yard to raise money for tsunami victims that she could not hold the fundraiser because they could not grant her an occupational license.
Heartless. Of course, all they needed do was tell the girl she needed to get a license for a garage sale, and she would have been home free. But government is not in the business of solving problems. As this case points out, government is the problem.

The sale went on with help from the Miami Beach Jewish Community Center. [Thanks to Fark.]

More on being a passive victim of crime

Jim Treacher has nice take on the advice of one Dr. Ian Stephen (that I covered earlier). Dr. Stephen says, "act passively," to take control. This is like telling someone to eat a lot to be thin...
Here's some other good advice to remember, "mates," the next time you want to take control of a housejacking:
  • Hit the intruder's fists, knees, elbows, and feet with your face, ribcage, and genitals. This will subtly wear him down and require him to stop for a glass of water.
  • On a related note, robbery is thirsty work, and a parched burglar is an angry burglar. If all you've got is tap water, you're just asking for trouble. Try to keep a wide selection of beverages on hand at all times, just in case. This will subtly lull your new friend into a false sense of comfort and good cheer, giving you the chance to crawl out of the room for a change of underwear before the smell requires him to punish you further.
  • Refer to the home-invader as "massuh." This will impose a subtle feeling of guilt on the misguided victim of society, causing him to pause briefly for self-reflection in the course of upending your laundry room for hidden jewelry or drugs. In another 30-60 years, he will die of natural causes and cease all criminal activity.
There is more, but go take a look for yourself. (h/t to Watcher of Weasels)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Latest Carnival of the Vanities

Latest edition of the Carnival is up at Vessel of Honor. Go take a look.

Gun Ownership in America

Press Image of Gun Owner Not Far Off, Except for All Those Women. Interesting statistics about gun ownership.

One third of American women own a gun (compared to 40% of men).

56% of rural inhabitants own a gun, compared to 40% of suburbanites, and 29% of those in urban areas. So areas with a higher concentration of guns in citizens hands, have on average a lower concentration of crime. Hmm.... I wonder if you will see this reported widely; I doubt it, since it flies in the face of the "guns cause crime myth."

Thanks to KABA.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Long Term Unemployment by Country

Opinion Journal reports on the state of various world economies and their ability to produce jobs.

Jobless, Permanently?
Long-term unemployed (12 months or more) as a percentage of total unemployed, 2002

U.S. 8.6%
Britain 23.1%
Japan 30.8%
France 33.8%
Germany 47.9%
Italy 59.2%

Yeah, let's emulate the European model. (h/t Vilainous Company)

Isn't it Ironic?

Posse Incitatus: Oh, that kind of service Pablo Paredes, the darling of the anti-war crowd, misses out on an opportunity to help the tsunami victims.
Paredes won the fulsome praise of the usual anti-war idiots for his refusal to participate in an "immoral war" and yet his ship we re-routed to help provide life-saving assistance in the face of a massive natural disaster.

Don't ever lose your sense of humor

Texican Tattler: Tactical Tommy Goes to the Store. If you need a laugh... (Finish your beverage first.)

[h/t Smallest Minority]

Police work, not gun control, reduces Chicago crime

The New York Times > National > Homicide Capital in 2003, Chicago Has a Turnaround In 2003, Chicago had the distinction of being the homicide capital of the USA.
As is traditional, Chicago first turned to gun control to attempt to deal with its plague of homicides.
Richie Daley (the mayor) was not able to get his gun control measures through the legislature.
So Chicago was forced to fall back on police work as means to reduce crime. The authorities here credited new policing methods - surveillance cameras in heavy drug-trafficking areas and more officers on the streets, particularly in the most notorious gang neighborhoods - for the 25 percent drop, from 598 homicides at the end of 2003 to 447 this year, as of Dec. 30. It has been nearly four decades since Chicago's annual murder rate dipped below 500.
That's right, fighting crime leads to a 25% decrease in homicides.

Does this really surprise anybody?
The police also attributed some of the decline in Chicago to programs like Project Safe Neighborhoods, a federal initiative to crack down on gun offenders
It's too bad that our wonderful elected members of Congress have decided to replace Project Safe Neighborhoods with Pork. [via Alphecca]

Economics lessons from individ

individ: Man, this must be the best bad economy in history. Nay saying at the Washington Post not withstanding, the economy is humming along.
In the six quarters after Bush’s tax cuts, real GDP expanded at a 4.6 percent annual rate, much faster than the 2.5 percent pace of the six earlier recovery quarters. Consumer spending jumped from 2.8 percent to 3.9 percent. Business investment in new plant and equipment surged to 13.4 percent from only 1 percent before the tax cuts. Personal income jumped to a 5 percent growth rate, nearly double the earlier speed of 2.6 percent.
Sounds like good economic times. (Of course if Kerry had been elected, the WaPo, NYT, et al would be heralding the Kerry Economy in the early spring.)

Monday, January 03, 2005

Kofi thinks that American-lead effort is a UN effort

Telegraph | Opinion | American stinginess is saving lives President Bush didn't both the mention the Useless Nitwits when he spoke about the disaster relief efforts, didn't stop our man Kofi from claiming credit for everything.
Kofi Annan, by contrast, has decided that the Aussie-American "coalition of the willing" is, in fact, a UN operation. "The core group will support the UN effort," he said. "That group will be in support of the efforts that the UN is leading."
This guy is out of control. And this organization is out of control. Can we stop supporting them now? The Red Cross (also not our friend!) does a better job of providing relief. Sending in UN troops into an area is a disaster for the people there (the Telegraph makes mentiong of the "Child-sex for food" program.

Kofi says "Oil For Food" a success Inside Cover Story: "It was a unique scheme," Annan said.

What planet does this guy live on? Well, I guess it was a unique way to line the pockets of his son, his cronies, and Saddam. But was it a success?
Though Saddam Hussein is reported to have siphoned off at least $23 billion in relief money that was supposed to go to the people of Iraq while U.N. sanctions were in place, Annan called the operation he oversaw "effective."
It effectively let Saddam steal food out of the mouths of his people.

Denied Justice, Women in India Take Action

When women kill for justice / Rape suspects feel mob's wrath in one Indian town. When you fail to protect people "under the law" by turning a blind eye to a horrible crime, those people will eventually take action to protect themselves.
Fed up with delays in the judicial process, police inaction, fear of being victimized again by alleged rapists who procure easy bail, the women of Nagpur have decided to take the law into their own hands.
While no one wants to condone vigilanty justice, there must be some justice or some hope of justice.

The best advice is protect yourself against the crime to begin with:
[A] senior advocate of the Supreme Court, Arvind Jain, called upon female students not only to learn the art of self-defense, but never to hesitate in killing the man who tries to rape them, because in India, fighting a case against a rapist was far more difficult than fighting a case of murder in self-defense.
I wonder what weapons women in India have at their disposal for defense. A small women attacked by a large man needs a weapon for defense, or she will be raped/beaten/killed. (h/t KABA)

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Shooting Sports: Women in Hunting

Rocky Mountain News: Columnists As more and more women take up the sport of big-game hunting, I expect we will see fewer of these articles. But right now, they are news-worthy:
Becoming big-game hunters seemed right and natural to the pair [Jessie Nickols and Judy Schoefer], who are friends and neighbors with horseback riding in common and no personal history of hunting. Both women were raised around hunters, but no one ever asked them to go along.
No doubt hunting was viewed as some male-bonding ritual. I am convinced that the only reason more women don't hunt is because no one ever asked them if they would like to learn how.

And of course, they get the typical question:
Why hunt at all?

"I wanted the meat," Schoefer said. "And there's a sense of pride that I got that myself."

"Because we are mountain girls," Nickols said proudly.
[h/t/Keep And Bear Arms]

Few are counting on Social Security check

SUSAN TOMPOR: Few are counting on Social Security check
In a recent survey of Americans aged 18-34, 46 percent believed in the existence of extraterrestrials while only 28 percent believed Social Security would still be around when they retire.
While I am not convinced that aliens are in fact visiting us, I do not count on Social Security for my retirement. It would be foolish to do so.
"My plan is to presume I'm getting zero. And then anything I do get from it is a benefit and a bonus," said Mann, a 43-year-old who lives in Grosse Pointe Woods and would like to retire from Ford Motor Co. before 60.
I also object to the whole nanny state idea that people have to be taken care. People should take care of themselves.

"To protect people from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools." -- Herbert Spencer

On the other hand I have no faith in Washington politics - they will do nothing good, and probably do something bad.