Sunday, January 09, 2005

12-gauge ends confrontation

OnlineAthens: News: Two hospitalized after double shooting in Madison 01/09/05: Don't mess with her dad!
Candy Butler, was inside the house loading a shotgun. As Bryant struggled with her father, Candy Butler came to the door and ended the confrontation by shooting Bryant twice with the High Standard 12-gauge shotgun
That's letting him have it with both barrels.

Terry Bryant came to confront Della, daughter number 1, with 2 .22 caliber pistols. Eventually a struggle with Chester Butler, the father, ensued, and the father was shot. This is when Candy, daughter number 2, ended the argument.

Although no one had been charged, Bryant will likely face some type of charge.

I have to say that the Athens Banner-Herald of Athens, GA did a nice job with this story. (Just the facts, Ma'am) No bias for or against guns I could see. This is top notch journalism. [h/t Civilian Defense Blog]

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