Saturday, January 22, 2005 and other anti-2nd Amendment organizations

OK, I thought people in the 2A community kept up on this sort of thing, but I guess not. has teamed up with the Million Mom March - a division of the Brady Campaign - and is giving a portion of sales to that organization. Every time you buy a book through Amazon, you are giving money to the Brady Bunch. (Selling books through the Amazon Affiliate program?) If you agree with their politics, that's OK, if not - you need to PAY ATTENTION! (See Cleveland Plain Dealer too, it is not the first story on the page - search for Amazon)

And here are some other companies to keep in mind - they are not friendly to the 2A either. (a small list)
  • A & M Records (what music do you buy?)
  • Argosy Casino (The odds always favor the house)
  • Ben & Jerry`s Homemade, Inc. (Think diet)
  • Hallmark Cards (Happy Holidays)
  • Sara Lee Corporation (Who made the cold cuts in your lunch?)
  • Time Warner Inc.(AOL, Time Magazine, etc.)
How you spend your money matters.

UPDATE: I am told the bit is not true --- the rest is though. Thanks Addison.

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