Monday, January 10, 2005

Drinking the right coffee can help Sumatra

coffee cupThe Truth Laid Bear: Sumatran Coffee Reviews. Yes you can send money to impacted countries by your purchasing practices. As somebody out there said, "Charity is good, but commerce is better."

The Coffee Review has a few suggestions including this information.
Starbucks has announced that for every pound of whole-bean Sumatra or Sumatra Decaf sold in the month of January 2005 it will donate $2 or the equivalent in local currency to aid agencies benefiting victims of the December 2004 tsunami.
And more from N.Z. Bear:
There are a ton of places to get coffee which originates in Sumatra. It is my assumption that "fair trade" coffee is the best choice if the goal is to ensure that as much of your money as possible ends up with the local growers in the region.

To that end, there seems to be two major groups that confer "fair trade" status on coffee: TransFair USA and the Fair Trade Federation.

Here are some coffees that I've found available online that are declared to be "fair trade" by one or the other of these groups:

Baronet Coffee Fair Trade Sumatra

Buck's County Coffee Fair Trade Sumatra

Cafe Ibis Organic Gayo Mountain Sumatra

Cafe Ibis Organic Highland Sumatra Dark

Cafe Moto Organic Fair Trade Sumatra

Capricorn Coffees Sumatra Organic Fair Trade

Coffee and Tea Ltd Sumatra Takengon Sumatra Gayo Mountain Organic Fair Trade

Coffee-Tea-Etc Sumatra Dark Roast Organic Fair Trade

Daybreak Coffee Roasters Sumatra Organic Fair Trade

Fonté Coffee Roaster will donate $2 for every pound of Sumatra Mandheling purchased on their website to the Red Cross International Response Fund. (Not a "fair trade" blend, but good for them anyway).

Gorilla Coffee: Fair Trade Sumatra Gayoland and Decaf Sumatra

Green Mountain Fair Trade Organic Sumatran Reserve
There's more...go see TTLB.

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