Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Jan. 27, 1945 - The Liberation of Auschwitz

World "leaders" will say (have already said) that we must remember Auschwitz and declare, "Never again!" Unfortunately the world has not learned the lesson of the Holocaust. It wasn't the first occurrence of genocide, and it certainly wasn't the last. The 20th century is full of examples:
  • Turkish extermination of Armenians
  • Stalin's extermination of Ukrainians
  • the Holocaust
  • Rape of Nanking
  • Pol Pot in Cambodia
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Hutus and Tutsi in Rwanda
There is disagreement about the number killed in genocide in the 20th Century, estimates range from 60 million to 170,000 million or more.

Genocide didn't start in the 20 Century. Our American history contains several instances of organized attempts to exterminate native populations in the 19th century.

It didn't end in the 20th Century; it is going on today in Sudan.

It is not surprising that we have failed to learn the lessons of history, when no one studies history. American schools have long since given up on even pretending to teach history. Others turn a blind eye to their past. (France didn't admit that the Vichy government sent 72,000 Jews to the camps in the east until Chirac made a statement in 1995.)

So we will unveil monuments, and make speeches, and go back to ignoring history.

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