Monday, January 03, 2005

Kofi thinks that American-lead effort is a UN effort

Telegraph | Opinion | American stinginess is saving lives President Bush didn't both the mention the Useless Nitwits when he spoke about the disaster relief efforts, didn't stop our man Kofi from claiming credit for everything.
Kofi Annan, by contrast, has decided that the Aussie-American "coalition of the willing" is, in fact, a UN operation. "The core group will support the UN effort," he said. "That group will be in support of the efforts that the UN is leading."
This guy is out of control. And this organization is out of control. Can we stop supporting them now? The Red Cross (also not our friend!) does a better job of providing relief. Sending in UN troops into an area is a disaster for the people there (the Telegraph makes mentiong of the "Child-sex for food" program.

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