Thursday, January 13, 2005

Once Again, enforcing the law leads to lower crime

Increased gun crime prosecution gets results. As Chicago found out, Mephis is crediting a reduction in gun crime (12% since 2002) to law enforcment efforts - investigating crime and prosecuting crime:
United States Attorney Terry Harris and Shelby County District Attorney Bill Gibbons credited the decline to an increase in gun crime prosecution at both the federal and state levels and the efforts of local and federal law enforcement agencies to more aggressively investigate gun crimes.
I'm not sure why the fact that "police-work reduces crime" qualifies as a news story. (Given that it is good news, it is no surprise that this not on a Big 3 network.) But the fact that investigating crime and prosecuting criminals leads to less crime over time, is bit like "dog bites man." (Still I am happy that they report it so I can write about it.)

This reduction in crime is credited to the "Project Safe Neighborhoods" task force. It is a pity that our elected representatives feel it is more important to fund Pork, than to fight crime.

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