Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Police work, not gun control, reduces Chicago crime

The New York Times > National > Homicide Capital in 2003, Chicago Has a Turnaround In 2003, Chicago had the distinction of being the homicide capital of the USA.
As is traditional, Chicago first turned to gun control to attempt to deal with its plague of homicides.
Richie Daley (the mayor) was not able to get his gun control measures through the legislature.
So Chicago was forced to fall back on police work as means to reduce crime. The authorities here credited new policing methods - surveillance cameras in heavy drug-trafficking areas and more officers on the streets, particularly in the most notorious gang neighborhoods - for the 25 percent drop, from 598 homicides at the end of 2003 to 447 this year, as of Dec. 30. It has been nearly four decades since Chicago's annual murder rate dipped below 500.
That's right, fighting crime leads to a 25% decrease in homicides.

Does this really surprise anybody?
The police also attributed some of the decline in Chicago to programs like Project Safe Neighborhoods, a federal initiative to crack down on gun offenders
It's too bad that our wonderful elected members of Congress have decided to replace Project Safe Neighborhoods with Pork. [via Alphecca]

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