Monday, January 17, 2005

Safe Storage for Firearms

There have been a whole series of articles about this police force, or that city giving away free gun locks. I don't understand this because gun locks are about the worst piece of security for a firearm you could ask for. Still something should be done especially if young children are around, or anyone who you don't want handling your firearms.

Aside from the fact that most trigger locks can be defeated with hammer and screwdriver, and some will let the gun fire anyway, they do not stop anyone from walking off with the firearm.

For my money, safes are much better storage medium. The can be secured in place, and the big ones are too heavy for your average burglar to move anyway. They can also protect against fire.

The problem of course is how to get at a weapon quickly in time of need. If it is in
a safe, how long will it take you to open the safe? Well of course the market has taken care of that. Several are available that will open in a few seconds.

I like the Gun Vault, but I don't like the fact that the lock is electronic and requires either battery power or AC power to unlock. (The battery will be dead and the power out on the night you need your weapon.) I like the fact that the keys (see photo) can be found in the middle of the night to unlock the thing.

For those of you have to have every latest technical gadget, there is the BioVault which uses the latest in biometric recognition to open only for people with the right knoxfingerprints. More issues of electrical power.

I want a non-electrical option, something with a mechanical lock, like the Handgun Box, or the Fort Knox Pistol Box that can still be opened in the dark in a very short time, should you need access to a firearm.

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