Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Self-defense and Mainstream Media Bias

In looking for an interesting topic, I have been scanning Keep and Bear Arms, the Civilian Gun Defense Blog, and searching for news stories on "homeowner shoots," "gun" and other phases that usually turn up stories. There are plenty of stories that are of the form,
  • Intruder breaks into home waking up homeowner,
  • Homeowner shoots intruder, and
  • Police say no charges will be filed against the homeowner.
(If the intruders survive, they are hauled off to jail.)

You can find stories about the Carolinas, and Tulsa, but you rarely see these stories in the Blue states, and almost never in the big news outlets. Actually these stories do show up from central and southern Illinois from time to time; the Chicago Tribune only seems to report them when the homeowner has failed to comply with some arcane aspect of Illinois gun law.

OK, so it's no surprise that the MSM is biased against guns and gun owners. I guess it is a surprise that so many of these stories are carried in papers and on television stations in the heart of the country. I think it was Bernard Goldberg (author of "Bias") who said that the network news organizations should move out of New York into the middle of the country. In the days before high-speed communications of the satellite or any other variety, it might have made sense for the newscasts to originate from New York. Getting them out of the liberal echo chamber of the NYC/DC corridor might do something to open them up to new points-of-view. The example set by CNN is not encouraging, however.

Comparing the situation in America with that in Britain was interesting for awhile, but the British government - being a solidly leftist government - is not going to give up power over the population (or even give up power to the population). The violent crime rate in England is higher than the US, and the level of violence is reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange. Still, I don't expect the left to admit defeat or even acknowledge that anything is the matter with gun-free England.

So how do we reach the millions not being served by the New York Times and the LA Times and the Washington Post? How do we stop preaching to the choir, and reach out to the people who think guns cause crime? How do we get better reporting on the self-defensive use of firearms?

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