Thursday, January 06, 2005

Serial Rapist dead at hands of law-abiding citizen Slain Robbery Suspect Linked to Rapes. Shot while robbing a store and threatening violence, robber turns out to be serial rapist responsible for attacks in Camden (Philadelphia).
Store owner Ngoc Le, 28, saw what was happening, grabbed his gun, which was legally registered, and told Reyes he would let him live if he released his wife. Reyes then threatened to kill her and Le fired once, hitting Reyes in the head. Reyes died at the scene
Ngoc Le should get a medal and a marksmanship award for pulling off a head-shot with adrenalin in his system. Antonio Diaz Reyes is styled as a "robbery suspect" in this article, but he was pulling Ngoc's wife into a back room. (I don't think robbery was on his mind.)

I suppose that someone (perhaps many) on the left will be appalled about this shooting. I do feel very sorry for Ngoc Le and his wife; they have been through a terrible ordeal and I hope they recover soon. I don't feel sorry that Antonio Diaz Reyes, a serial rapist, is dead. The world is a better and safer place without him.

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