Thursday, January 20, 2005

What happens when the police break the law?

2 - News - Family Sues Police For 'Retaliation, Abuse'. If only police have guns, then we will only need to fear the police.

After testifying against police in a criminal and civil case, the Ramirez family has been harrassed by police. Their house has been searched without warrant. They have been threatened. They have been arrested for no reason - charges dropped, etc.

Thank god, they put in video survellence, so it looks like these "officers of the law" are going to be in hot water. The family filed a civil suit. I hope the DA brings charges in the case!

Best of luck to the Ramirez family, and may those cops rot in jail. Crimes committed under color of authority should be treated especially harshly. Violation of public trust must be so expensive, that those sworn to protect us, never break that oath.

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