Friday, February 11, 2005

ABC News will finally give UN sex crimes prime-time coverage

ABC News: U.N. Sex Crimes in Congo: While the fact that UN "peacekeepers" are almost always a plaque on those they are supposed to help is known, it is not widely known among those who rely on the MSM for all their news. That is about to change with tonight's "20/20"
The range of sexual abuse includes reported rapes of young Congolese girls by U.N. troops; an Internet pedophile ring run from Congo by Didier Bourguet, a senior U.N. official from France; a colonel from South Africa accused of molesting his teenage male translators; and estimates of hundreds of underage girls having babies fathered by U.N. soldiers who have been able to simply leave their children and their crimes behind.
It isn't clear if this will be presented as a one-time-problem, or part of pattern of on-going pattern of abuse. It is an on-going problem but will probably not be presented as such.

Once these facts are more widely known, perhaps our involvement with this criminal organization will convince more people that it is time to get out of the UN, and let it move to Europe. [Hat tip to Evil Glenn Instapundo Delenda Est!]

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