Wednesday, February 23, 2005

CNN and the .50 Caliber story

Write your Reps and insist on Justice

CNN Felony Gunswarm!. I have stayed out of this, since I didn't see the video, and since so many have already got it nailed.

But Michael Bane has some comments that have me steamed.
By now, the upper echelons of the ATF have been made aware of the CNN violations. My contacts told me there was very little chance the agency would move against CNN because of "intent" — there was no intent to violate the law.
This is Bovine Scatology. If you or I violated even a tiny part of the increasingly unintelligible gun laws, we wouldn't be let off due to "intent." CNN should not have special privileges because they are a news organization. They broke the law. They should suffer the consequence.

Since the ATF isn't interested in doing anything, I think we need to get some other parts of government involved. This link will allow you to write and/or email your Senators, Representative, as well as the President and Vice President. If we aren't going to enforce the laws, get rid of the laws. (That would be my first choice.) But CNN should not be immune because they are a news organization.

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