Thursday, February 10, 2005

Human Rights abusers lead UN Human Rights council

New York Post Online Edition: Outrage As Usual. Why am I not surprised?
Recently elected to this year's Human Rights Commission "action panel" were Cuba and Zimbabwe. So the regimes of two of the world's top rights abusers — Robert Mugabe and Fidel Castro — will now help decide which human-rights complaints will get a U.N. hearing. Castro's most recent roundup of political dissidents merely restocked his island's now-famous prisons. Mugabe's abuses are producing a famine in his once-food-exporting nation — and now he's effectively banned foreign human-rights workers from his country, by banning foreign funding of their work.
and this is only 2 of the questionable members.

The whole thing is a farce, and we should not lend credibility to it.
The world's most flagrant rights abusers typically vote as a bloc in favor of letting each other off the hook. In the most recent sessions, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Sudan, China, Egypt and Nigeria joined together reliably to exonerate whichever government was being accused.
Can we get out of the UN now? It does nothing worth while.

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