Monday, February 21, 2005

Indiana's "Becoming an Outdoor Woman"

It's like 'Outdoors 101' for women. I first heard about this program a few years back, and I thought it was great then, and like it just as much now.

BOW teaches basic outdoors skills - hunting, fishing, camping - to women who were excluded by their father, brothers, etc.
The average age of BOW participants is 45-50, proving to Krause that it's never too late to learn outdoor skills. That's exactly why women, many of whom have never cast a fly rod, paddled a canoe, fired a gun, cleaned a fish or pitched a tent are attracted to the program.
Women have been excluded from the outdoor sports. Oh some would go with fathers, but mostly hunting and fishing was a chance for the men to not shave, (I'm not sure if they neglected other hygiene tasks), drink beer, swear, scratch, and in general do whatever it is men do when women aren't around.

It isn't only hunting that finds it tough to deal with women, but the shooting sports generally. When I first went to the indoor shooting range in St Petersburg, I was treated like an oddity - a woman not being dragged in by her husband. (Even now, when I walk in, I always get the feeling that the conversation stops, and abruptly changes directions.)

If the shooting sports (and the second amendment) are going to survive the attacks by the left, more people need to feel comfortable around guns, and around ranges. Indiana is doing its part with this program. [h/t Keep And Bear Arms]

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