Monday, February 28, 2005

Intruders fatally shot in Alabama and New York

And I thought Birmingham and New York City had almost nothing in common.... Of course just to prove how much more civilized they are, the New York police arrested the homeowner in that case.

Intruder fatally shot in Chelsea, Alabama. A homeowner escapes from restraints, retrieves his own gun and shoots a home invader. The accomplice, in a car outside, was arrested by police.
A Shelby County man freed himself after being tied up and then fatally shot an armed, masked intruder inside his Chelsea home during a home invasion early Sunday morning, Shelby County authorities said.
The 2 were apparently invlolved in an earlier home invasion - the weapon the criminal had was stolen earlier in the night. Drugs are suspected.

The accomplice can be charged with murder since she participated in a crime duing which someone was killed. She will likely be charged today. No charges will be brought against the homeowner.

Police: Intruder Shot Dead By Homeowner in New York. A very similar incident.
Police say they were called to the area by 22-year-old Sanjay Broomfield, who said someone had pounded on his door and then come in through the living room window
with a very different outcome for the intended victim. I suppose in New York City, the civilized people feel that Sanjay Broomfield should have let himself be a victim.

UPDATE: Shoe-store clerk kills robber in North Carolina. This Charlotte attempted robbery got a reaction from a bystander, I don't think you would see in NY City.
The robbers started shooting and then the clerk grabbed a gun and fired back, Lopez said.
"The (clerk) did a good job. He saved us," Lopez said. "He saved my kid. He saved our lives."

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