Friday, February 11, 2005

More gun manufacturer lawsuits tossed out of court

AP Wire | 02/10/2005 | Appeals court tosses cities, counties lawsuit againt gun makers If they can't win in California, where the deck (and the courts) are stacked in their favor, they should be just about through.
A state appeals court late Thursday upheld a lower court's decision dismissing a lawsuit brought by several California cities and counties against dozens of gun manufacturers.

San Francisco, Berkeley, Sacramento, Los Angeles and the counties of San Mateo, Alameda and others alleged the makers marketed, distributed, promoted and designed handguns in a manner "that facilitates the weapon to be used in violent crimes."
Some distributors are still in hot water, but it appears that they may have actually done something wrong. (What a concept - you are only in trouble if you do something wrong.)

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