Saturday, February 12, 2005

Murder-Suicide not stopped by Court Order

Oklahoma's News Channel 8: Protective Order Filed Just Hours Before Murder-Suicide. The order had not been served to the ex-husband, but would a piece of paper stopped someone?
Police say Baker drove that stolen car to the plant. And, once inside, he walked past the receptionist and into Tudor's office. He forced a co-worker out of the office and seconds later, witnesses say he opened fire.
They do have a companion article on just how ineffective protection orders can be.
"It sometimes has a different effect when the person is served with a protective order," says Court Clerk Sally Howe Smith. "It makes them even angrier. When I worked this division, I always told people this piece of paper does not make you bullet proof."
I suppose the victim, Catherine Tudor, was disarmed by policy at her place of work. [Via KABA]

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