Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Never say never

On Parenting: Gun totin' sons wasn't part of mom's plan Perhaps some people can learn that guns aren't bad (they are inanimate objects - neither good nor bad)

Annette Clifford had sworn her sons would never own a BB gun - or anything similar.
I should have realized from innumerable Scout Jamborees - where the line for the BB gun activity was the longest one and otherwise impatient boys waited hours to blast a metal pellet at a target - that some things would be inevitable in an all-boy house.
She hasn't quite warmed up to them (guns, not the boys) even though she now lives with both paintball and Airsoft guns. And sons who are quick to point out the bias in certain newspaper articles.

Too bad she declined to joing the NRA - their main mission is still training - for both safety and marksmanship.

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