Monday, February 07, 2005

San Francisco Pink Pistols oppose gun ban

gay flagSAN FRANCISCO / Gay group defends right to arms / Pink Pistols oppose ballot issue backed by supervisors. This article isn't surprizing in itself accept that the San Francisco Chronicle is presenting the pro-gun view. They do of course lay on the anti-gun guano in very thick layers, but it is the San Francisco Chronicle after.

They do cover what both I and others have said about the vaunted 'tolerance' of the gay community.
In fact, around the country -- including in the Bay Area -- the Pink Pistols tend to get a better response from firearms supporters than from homosexuals, Patton said. Thomas said he rarely talks about owning a gun because of the attitudes toward guns here.

"People will freak out on you," he said.
That's not to say that there aren't jerks in the 2A community, just not as many as you might think.

Perhpas the most surprizing thing about this article is that I found it on the NRA website as one of their featured stories.

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