Monday, February 07, 2005

Self-defense shooting ends 2 criminal careers

Armed robbery target kills gunman, cops say Teen dies, brother booked in stickup A death the Brady campaign will count as *a child killed by guns,* results from a clear-cut case of self-defense.
A teenager wielding a handgun was shot and killed late Friday near Tulane University by a man he was trying to rob, New Orleans police said, marking the second time in four days that a would-be criminal was killed in the act.
I wonder if they will ever learn?
Just three days before the Zimpel Street killing, an eastern New Orleans homeowner shot and killed a man who he said was trying to break into his home using part of a car jack.
The police haven't learned - they are still recommending submission. Of course the old white man who recommended that has never been faced by a rapist, or a gay-basher. (I would give up my money too, but that isn't the point!) [h/t KABA]

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