Thursday, February 24, 2005

Slovakian Prime Minister Dzurinda

President and Slovakian Prime Minister Dzurinda Discuss Policy: Odd how countries who have recently become democratic, are more supportive of our policy of spreading democracy.
I told to President Bush that Slovakia supports the policy of the United States based on advancing freedom and democracy, based on preventing nuclear proliferation. This is why Slovakia supports the position of principle of the United States in many areas, regarding Iran, North Korea. This is why we support the effort of the United States to advance peace and stability in the Middle East and the democratization process all over the world.
Maybe Old Europe is too complacent about democracy, or maybe Solvakia isn't scared by a strong America, they are reassured. (Given what just happened in the Ukraine - even though it all came right in the end - shows that freedom does not come easily or free.) [hat tip to Mad Minerva]

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