Sunday, February 27, 2005

Something you don't see everyday - the truth about auto-loaders

KLTV 7 Tyler-Longview-Jacksonville, TX: Gun Expert Clarifies Semi Automatic. A news organization going out of its way to define the reality of a semi-automatic weapon, versus a machine gun.
The common misconception is the "semi-automatic" is equal to some high powered assault weapon, but any number of weapons, small or large caliber , can be semi-automatic.

"When you hear semi-automatic rifle a lot of people assume it's a high powered rifle but that's not always the case" says Longview gun expert Craig Clotz .
Pointing out that even a .22LR can be (and often is) an auto loader is beyond the pale. Of course there is no danger that you will see this story in the Boston Globe, the NY Times or the LA Times. That you see it at all, is a shock to me.

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