Friday, February 18, 2005

Two homeowners kill intruders in self-defense

Two separate stories illustrate the need for weapons to equalize strength in self-defense.

The first story from Lafayette, LA is: East Feliciana Parish woman kills attacker inside her home. This women awoke to the barking of her dog, to discover an intruder in her home. Even after she shot the intruder in the chest, he beat her severely - until he died.

She would not have been able to fight him off without a firearm, and she could not call for help as he had cut the phone line before entering the house.

The 2nd story, from Mishawaka, IN, is summed up in the headline: 84-year-old kills intruder; charges are not expected. In this case the homeowner awoke to the sound of someone trying to kick in the front door of his house. He retrieved his gun and then told the would-be intruder not to come in. When the door finally gave way, and the intruder had gained entrance the homeowner fired his pistol killing the intruder.

Criminals don't need to have guns to pose a threat. They can merely be younger, larger, have more upper body strength. If someone is old or infirm or just small in stature, they need some way to defend themselves that minimizes or eliminates the difference of strength. Firearms fill this need in a way no other tool can. While it is true that Tasers can be effective - they are limited in the number of assailants that can be dealt with at one time, and their range is limited. You had also better not miss with your first shot - something that an adrenaline pumped victim may have trouble with. [hat tip Keep and Bear Arms]

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