Sunday, February 13, 2005

The UN and Oil for Food

Captain's Quarters Captain Ed turns his eye on the "Oil for Food" free-for-all at the United Nations Useless Nitwits.

From the stonewalling of auditors, the lack of clear checks and balances, the OFF was a cash cow that the bureaucrats (and hangers on like Kojo Annan) milked to their hearts content.

When Kofi Annan failed to exercise control, there was no mechanism inherent in the structure of the UN to ensure control
And since the majority of the General Assembly represents tinpot dictators and kleptocrats who operate on graft and corruption (and depend on it), they resist the idea of kicking out someone who allows them to conduct their business the way they like.

The more that comes out of the Oil-For-Food fiasco, the clearer it demonstrates that the UN has become so dysfunctional that fixing it almost appears impossible. An old saying has it that people get the government they deserve, and the UN's rotten and incompetent management provides an apt example. The UN will never improve until the constituent governments actually represent their populations instead of the ruling crime families in their countries.
The UN is run - for the most part - by countries that care little for human rights, legality, democracy. Their "peacekeepers" have participated in some terrible crimes, without much punishment. Why are we still a member of this criminal organization?

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