Thursday, February 03, 2005

Youth with Down syndrome exploited (killed) by Iraqi insurgents

Down syndrome youth used as suicide bomber - Iraq - When you can't find volunteers, I guess you force a down syndrome youth to be a suicide bomber.
[Amar] had Down syndrome or, as the Iraqis say, he's a mongoli, and when his parents, Ahmed, 42, and Fatima, 40, went to vote with their two daughters Amar was left in the family home.
one of Amar's cousins, a 29-year-old teacher who asked not to be named, retreated to a distracted state in which Iraqis often discuss death to tell their story as best they can. "They must have kidnapped him," he said. "He was like a baby. He had nothing to do with the resistance and there was nothing in the house for him to make a bomb. He was Shiite. Why bomb his own people?"
He was mostly a happy person, playing with neighborhood children, but no more. [h/t Bill Roggio]

And yet Ted Kennedy says that the US and the Insurgents are both fighting for the "hearts and minds" of Iraq and that we are losing. Really?

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