Monday, February 21, 2005

You've gotta love Ted Nugent reports that Uncle Ted (Nugent) is as good for opinions as he is for guitar licks. Anybody who's motto seems to be "You have to kill it, before you can grill it," is OK by me.
"No matter where I go, somebody's got a gun for me to try out, and a new guitar lick to show me, and something freshly killed to barbecue. So it's an 'Uncle Ted-Fest' almost everyplace," Nugent explained.
He says shooting machine guns before a show - which he gets to do in Terre Haute, with a bunch of military and law enforcement folks - pumps him up to give a better performance.

He has recently been on a tour that is mostly country audiences - Big Throwdown Tour with Toby Keith. When asked how he's adapting to life in front of these audiences, his answer goes something like this.
"I've always been militantly pro-law enforcement, pro-law and order, anti-drugs, anti-tobacco and anti-drinking and alcohol and the stupidity of all the trends and fashions," he says. "When you really examine what I stand for, I am what country-and-western purports to be. I mean, this morning I've already run my trapline and killed a couple skunks and 'coons and opossums, trapped some fox and some bobcat. I've already fed wildlife - I mean, I have a couple tons of wildlife feed. I've already cut firewood, split firewood, stacked firewood. I've already cleaned out chimney and the fireplace. I've burned the trash. And I'm taking about four ton of gravel from one spot to the other. I'm an outdoorsman in the real, original, Jeremiah sense of the word.

"So, if ever there was a country guy, that is the ranching-farming lifestyle, I'm sure I've baled more hay than all the country artists combined," Nugent continues, seemingly still without breaking to inhale. "I've probably killed and gutted and butchered more deer than the entire country-and-western industry ever has since the dawn of man."
I just wish Shemane Nugent would run some more of her Queen of the Forest programs. [Via the NRA]

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