Friday, April 01, 2005

Buy A Gun Day Roundup

Buy a Gun Day is April 15. Support an industy under attack - and piss off the left at the same time.

In honor of the day, and because I am in major "avoid work at all costs" phase, I went out and did a bit of gun shopping yesterday. Found an FN 5.7, but at $999.99, it is outside my budget. (And the closest range that would let me shoot it is more than an hour away... anyway.) The Ruger Mk-III .22 target pistol looks like a good choice. (They finally moved the magazine release to the side of the frame, under your thumb, where it belongs.) Decisons, decisions....

Some folks getting in on the action:[New Members Updated as we go along]
Remember to obey the ever increasing, and often incomprehensible gun laws when making this purchase.

Did I miss you? Are you buying a gun to piss off the left? Or for any other valid and legal reason? Let me know: zendodeb - at -

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