Saturday, May 28, 2005

Dial 911 and wait for an answer

So the gun controllers would have us Dial 911 instead of defend ourselves. They will say that the police will protect us. Well let's see.
NewsChannel 5 Network: Complaints About 911 Response Times Grow Louder
When the home caught fire Wednesday, neighbor Melissa Matsumoto said she spent seven minutes trying to get through to 911.
[Wednesday] neighbors in South Nashville said they waited on the phone for ten minutes while five children were trapped inside a burning home. But according to official logs, the first call was answered in six seconds, and fire trucks were dispatched within two minutes.
Although this is relating to a fire, it is the same 911 system. 7 to 10 minutes just to reach an operator.
Kansas City Star: Southview Manor unruliness gets police attention
Police [in Kansas] said they're so busy that they don't have the time to drive through the neighborhood once an hour, but added that they will rush in an emergency. Miller said their response time for an emergency is between five and 10 minutes.
5 to 10 minutes once an officer is dispatched.
TCS: Tech Central Station - 911 Is a Joke... or Is It? Let's Find Out.
Priority One responses in Atlanta and nearby counties take an average of 9-15 minutes. In Washington, D.C., in 2003, the average police response time for highest-priority emergency calls was 8 minutes and 25 seconds. ("Ramsey defends 911 response," Wash. Times, May 11, 2004.)
Average of 8 minutes, implies that some people are waiting much longer.
Stabbing Victim's Family Says 911 Hung Up On Them
It appears that the dispatcher repeatedly hung up on Covington as he called for help.

After three calls, the dispatcher finally asked questions about the suspect, but then it appears the dispatcher hung up again.
So after waiting on the line to talk with someone, they hang-up on you.
A lot of bad things can happen in 8 or 10 or 15 minutes. While I carry a cell phone, and would call 911 if able, I refuse to give up the means to self-defense. Too many bad things can happen to quickly to wait 15 minutes for the police.

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