Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Amnesty - no hard evidence

Amnesty concedes no hard evidence - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - June 06, 2005 Who would have guessed that AI is just guessing when they make charges against the US.
The Pentagon also reported last week that of 20 instances of "desecration" of the Muslim holy book, the Koran, 15 were carried out by prisoners. All of the guards who committed the offenses -- most of them inadvertent -- were reprimanded and/or reassigned.
AI is just another anti-American organization. Millions died in the Gulags. No one has died at Gitmo. Abuse at the Gulags was policy. Abuse at Gitmo is punished. Yet AI compares Gitmo to a gulag.

I wish American schools would teach history. Then people would see how ridiculous this charge is. Stalin killed 11 million Ukrainians before WWII. Millions more died in Russia itself. Yet AI looks at the USA and makes comparisons to the USSR. Is this stupidity or just propaganda? [h/t NRA-ILA]

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