Friday, June 24, 2005

A Constutional Amendment Protecting Personal Property

A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT (PROPERTY RIGHTS) Actually I don't think this is specific enough, but it is a start.

[See Updated Version Here]

1. Whereas the power to tax is the power to destroy; Tax on all property, real and personal, except as income or on sale or transfer, above one-tenth of one percent per annum shall be prohibited.

2. The taking of property by eminent domain shall only be by just compensation for the purpose of the erection of public infrastructure.

3. Public property that is sold or otherwise converted to private use within 20 years shall first be offered to its original owner(s) or their heirs in substantially its original condition at its original price of acquisition.

4. Property that is seized for non-payment of taxes must be speedily sold at auction. Any amount above the tax owed and costs must be returned to the owner.

5. This article shall have no time limit on its ratification.
To much wiggle room. I would define exactly what constitutes infrastructure: police stations and jails, government offices, schools, etc. [via AlphaPatriot]

Update: Hold the Mayo has a similar idea.

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