Monday, June 13, 2005

History Lesson: The government in some states supported the KKK

Of Arms and the Law: An interesting read. An interesting look at a group of black vets in the 1950's, who formed a chapter of the NAACP, and a chapter of the NRA, got guns, and defended their community from the Klan.
When the Klan came shooting, it soon found that its targets shot back. A Klan cavalcade (sort of a mass drive-by shooting) came to shoot up the home of the vice-president of the chapter, and found a number of members in sandbagged positions with rifles. After a gunfight, the Klan abandoned that approach
Appeals to governor of South Carolina (Luther Hodges) did no good, "He took sides with the Klan."

At least one church in the north raised money so that this group could acquire better weapons. Why? Because self-defense, and defense of family is a moral right, and for parents defending their children, a moral obligation. Self-defense is not evil. Laying down in the face of terror and giving up their civil rights would have been evil. [h/t SayUncle]

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