Sunday, June 12, 2005

Oklahoma defends right to Keep and Bear Arms.

LibertyRight to Keep and Bear Arms expanded in Oklahoma Weyerhauser had a policy forbidding legally owned guns to be locked in cars on any company parking lot. This had the direct result of disarming employees, not just at work, which I guess is their right, but driving to and from work as well. In effect controlling employees beyond the time they are at work.

As readers of this blog will realize, one of my big issues is that people being stalked - by abusive ex-spouses for example - need to be able to defend themselves during those times they are on a set schedule. To and from work is one of those times.

After Weyerhauser fired some employees for violating this policy the state of Oklahoma took action.
Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry (D) signed into law today a National Rifle Association (NRA)-backed bill to prohibit employers from banning locked firearms in company parking lots. The law comes as an improvement of a similar bill passed last year, and is originally the result of last year’s firings of Weyerhauser employees for storing personal firearms in their cars on company property.

The new law provides employer liability protection against third party criminal acts, while allowing individual employees to sue their employer for non-compliance. In the event that an employee sues and wins the right to store a locked firearm in the company parking lot, the bill also requires the employer to cover court costs and attorney’s fees.
Now it is time to get similar legislation passed in the rest of the states.

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