Thursday, June 09, 2005

What she said

1911-A1The Ten Ring: Girls Will Be Girls, And Men Should Be Men. Denise over at Ten Ring has a few things to say about Metrosexuals, and what's it's like being a woman at the gun range.
I guess the topic hits home because I have a similar problem; I’m a woman who likes guns and hunting. I often clean guns after shooting and my hands are not a pretty sight with Break-Free and powder residue all over them. Often, I smell more like Hoppe’s # 9 than Chanel #5. At the range, I’m more likely to have a smudge of powder under my eyes than eye shadow.
But a shower cleans all that away.

Why put off having some fun just because it is a little messy? You won't melt under the soap and water.

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