Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wisconsin Bill to Allow Concealed Carry Back in Legislature

JS Online: Conceal, carry gun bill back on table. Last time it was vetoed because the governor said sheriffs didn't have the resources to process the applications. So this time they are looking at having either a state agency or outside groups process the application.

Florida processes requests through the same department that handles a lot of other state-level licensing, and they farm the background check out to the FBI anyway. So really all the state has to do is verify all of the paperwork - including good news on the background check - and then issue the license. Something similar should work for Wisconsin.

It is interesting that the reason the governor gave was financial. Perhaps the old saw about "wild west gunfights" has really lost its traction. Given the number of states with "Shall Issue" concealed carrry laws, and a distinct lack of gunfights as a result, I should hope that this would be less effective.

I hope that the Wisconsin legislature passes the bill. People have the right to defend themselves; they need access to effective means of self-defense. [hat tip NRA-ILA]

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