Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Domestic assault stopped by bullet - not by Restraining Order

The Daily Reflector: Domestic assault ends in shooting These stories so often end with the ex-wife dead at the hands of an abusive ex-husband. I love reading about women strong enough to defend themselves.

Since 2 restraining orders (one of which he was convicted of violating in 1998) did not stop him from breaking in, a woman shot her ex-husband.
A 26-year-old Greenville woman told police she shot her ex-husband early Monday after he forced his way into her apartment.

The woman told police she grabbed a handgun and told the man to leave her Cedar Creek residence, located on McGregor Downs Road, after he broke in and assaulted her around 2:30 a.m. When he came toward her, she shot him in the abdomen.
He was in serious condition.

A new restraining order, filed in February did not stop him. Fast-moving lead stopped him.

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Unknown said...

This is my story and I can only hope and pray that other woman read it and that it gives them the courage to fight back instead of becoming a statistic.