Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Institutional Indifference to Domestic Violence

Mother Jones: The Counselor An interesting portrait on institutional indifference to domestic violence in a state where battered women are all but disarmed.
We had one [LAPD officer] who spent more time talking victims out of prosecuting, which is totally against policy.
Only about a third of cases reported in LA are prosecuted - lack of evidence.

Generally this is a disturbing look at the institutional disregard given domestic violence complaints in LA. From judges who do not know the law, to police, who cannot be bothered to enforce it. All in one of the most liberal states, where the battered women have no chance to obtain a concealed carry license. CA is a state where firearms themselves (concealed or in your home) are under attack, and yet it is a state where the police in the largest city don't care about domestic violence victims.

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