Monday, July 04, 2005

More whining about restraining orders

JusticeLA Times Commentary: Battered Women Betrayed Sarah Buel, a professor at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, is upset that the Supreme Court ruled that police cannot be sued over a restraining order.
The unavoidable result of this decision is that cowardly cops will once again feel empowered to ignore battered women's pleas for help. When I left my abusive husband in 1977, domestic violence restraining orders were nonexistent and the police repeatedly counseled me to be a more patient wife. Today, that mind-set has begun to change. Most police officers are now aware of the dangers women can face in their homes, and take seriously their job of enforcing the law. But those cops who refuse to do so must be held responsible.
This is the "Woman as Victim" flavor of feminism. I don't counsel her to be "more patient wife." I would counsel her to buy a firearm and invest in some lessons. (Or some other means of self-defense if she really doesn't like firearms.) Decent firearms can be had at a gun show for around 200 dollars. (Not tack-driving target-shooting firearms, but reliable defense can certainly be had for less that $250.)

The professor goes on to advocate "taking action." But the action she speaks of is insane: publishing the names of unresponsive officers on a web page. (That will make a difference!) No mention of self-defense is made. No mention of taking responsibility for your own safety is made. No attempt to convince people to stop being victims is made. This article is one long complaint that the government won't protect me. (Well, not “won't,” but that the government isn't responsible if it fails to protect me.)

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