Friday, July 08, 2005

Not only was he shot 9 times, he now gets 75 years to life

San Jose Mercury News: Intruder who was shot by homeowner sentenced to life term. Given that Carolyn Lisle shot William Kriske 9 times (with 2 handguns) I would say she needs a bigger weapon. But she got the job done.
Kriske, carrying an ax handle, entered Lisle's home after opening a sliding glass door in February 2004 as she and three friends were watching evening television. The friends fled as Lisle grabbed a gun and opened fire, striking Kriske in the wrist.

"He was like a mosquito hitting the window. Every time he turned around, poweee," Lisle, a retired state worker who once worked as a correctional officer, said at the time.

Kriske then tried to steal a motorcycle from a home across the street, but was chased off by neighbors who by then also had armed themselves.
Carolyn Lisle stopped a violent criminal. California's three strikes law will make sure he stays off the streets for a long time.

If the gun-banners had their way, this criminal would not have been stopped, and who knows if Ms. Lisle and her friends would have escaped harm. (How do you fight off a person with an ax handle?)

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