Sunday, July 31, 2005

Peaceful, Gun-free England

Police: Ax Murder A Hate Crime Well they outlawed guns, then they started talking about outlawing pointy knives. Will they now consider outlawing axes, or just go straight to getting rid of all sharp objects?
LIVERPOOL, England -- A black 18-year-old was attacked and found with an ax imbedded in his skull.

Police in Liverpool, England, said it was a deadly hate crime.
As opposed to some other type of deadly crime.

To make the citizens of the UK safe from this type of attack I am sure the Home Secretary will undertake to make the possession of an ax illegal. (They've tried everything else.)

This is certainly a tragedy. Giving it the title of "hate crime" doesn't add anything to Justice surrounding the event. For some of my other thoughts on Hate Crimes, just look around.

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