Friday, July 15, 2005

The Politics of Self-defense

A-Human-Right: Stay Safe I often make use of images from A-Human-Right, but I thought I would take a look at some of the writing there.

In light of the Castle Rock v. Gonzales ruling made recently by the Supreme Court, self-defense is more in the limeligt.
Avoiding a confrontation is usually the best policy. However, sometimes that is not enough, just like careful driving is not a 100% guarantee that no accidents will happen over your lifetime. Wearing seatbelts, having a first aid kit and the skill to use it does not make you more likely to get into a car crash. Those measures can, however, make a difference between life and death.
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No matter what some people would say, being a victim isn't noble or morally superior to being a capable survivor. Getting chewed up by a bear or cut up by a criminal would be equally painful and equally preventable. Taking precautions does not mean inviting trouble: on the contrary, that usually involves learning about potential threats and studiously avoiding them.
Many pieces of advice often given to women are reviewed: scratch them with your keys, use a personal alarm, go someplace for help. Never is any really effective means of self-defense mentioned.

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